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Jimmy Ryan: Home

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   Hey everybody. Thanks for having a look!
   My latest CD called "READVILLE' was released in limited edition on Ruido Grande Records. It is available on: CDBaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, BUG Digital and many other fine cyber outlets for unlimited downloading. I make my fiddle debut on this record and it came out pretty good. I just played whatever notes producer Dave Westner said to play and it worked out pretty well. I think I may be a Fiddler in the "Snock" style created by Michael Hurley.
    Anyways,I hope you check it out ! To get it, click the "Buy" tab at the left. Thanks!
— Jimmy

'READVILLE" - Review by noted rock critic Steve Morse


Jimmy Ryan has been Boston's best-kept secret for a while, but if there's any justice in the world then you should hear more of him. His latest album, "Readville," is one of his best. It's an energetic stew of his patented bluegrass rock (he remains one of the finest high-powered mandolinists around) together with flavors from jazz and rock to gospel. He and his trio pack a potent punch on "Gone Yer Gone," turn emotions inside out on "In My Soul," and rock the roadhouse on "Just Like You." Jimmy has always had the chops but now he's singing with more authority as well. This is a gem of a record for people looking for substance and originality.
    — STEVE MORSE, former staff music critic at the Boston Globe for 28 years who now teaches an online course in Rock History at Berklee College of Music




'READVILLE" - Boston Herald review by Jed Gottlieb:

It’s hard to make a mandolin rock. Well, it’s hard for most players to make a mandolin rock. Local, left-hand picker Jimmy Ryan has no trouble blitzing through bluegrass or giving his tiny instrument a punk rock feel. ... "Readville,: the latest from the local mandolin master, is a hootin’, hollerin’ romp.

When Jimmy Ryan & Mark Spencer accompanied Laura Cantrell for an opening set at The Gramercy Theatre in NYC and Jimmy then joined Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Louvin headlining the night Grand Ole Opry style, the New York Times wrote: "Laura Cantrell, who was born in Nashville but has long lived in New York City, opened the concert. With a serene, piping voice reminiscent of Emmylou Harris's, Ms. Cantrell moves between thoughtful alt-country Americana and old-time country. She had a string band — including a left-handed mandolinist, Jimmy Ryan, who so impressed Mr. Louvin that he was invited to sit in."


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